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The Taste of Algeria is your virtual gateway for delicious Algerian sweets delivered right at your doorstep. Made by Algerian professional bakers as well as home cooks, we make fresh, authentic and tasty Algerian sweets to impress your guests.

Check out our boutique to see examples of our beautiful and fine delights. Whether you are preparing a special event (wedding, baby shower, graduation, Eid…etc) or you just want to give our delicacies a try, The Taste of Algeria is here to efficiently provide authentic and unique products.

Each and every piece we sell is carefully handmade and reflects a true taste of Algeria. Our clients satisfaction is our utmost priority and we work relentlessly to achieve the best service.

A little about Algeria and Algerian sweets: located in North Africa and part of the Magreb region, Algeria is the largest country in Africa.  Its rich culture and cuisine have been influenced by a multitude of civilizations namely the Turkish, Arab, and French to name only a few.

Algeria’s sharing culture and hospitality is a staple of its people. With different traditions and cuisines across Algeria’s vast regions, Algerians love traditional food and many families pass on their recipes from one generation to another. A true culinary legacy that the Taste of Algeria would like to keep alive and spread out in North America so people can discover Algeria’s culinary treasures. A lot of Algerian sweets are made of almonds and other nuts.

Orange blossom water, rosewater, vanilla extract, and lemon zest are commonly used as flavoring. Almond Balawa, Tcharak, Dziryat, and Makrout Louz are a few of the most common Algerian sweets to discover through our portal.

You can order a sampler box to get acquainted with our products and fall in love with Algerian sweets.