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Authentic and Soooo GOooOD!

Omg these are awesome! I am Algerian so I know one thing or two about authentic algerian taste. Let me tell you, these just melt in your mouth!! The taste of orange blossom water and lemon zest is so prominent you won’t be able to stop eating these treats.

Good thing most of them are gluten free. Their online shipping system works great and if you are in California you will receive them super fast. Thanks the Taste of Algeria for giving me taste of home in the US.

Cristian Stan

Delicious and Unique!

Very delicious and unique cookies. I have craving for them at least once a month and the gluten free options are amazing. I tried these cookies once when I received them as a gift and was pleasantly surprised on how complex and delicious the flavors were. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Dennis O.

Tasty and fast shipping

Great taste! 2 days shipping to East coast. Nice job guys!


Strongly recommend The Taste of Algeria

Got my box last week, sweets taste good and authentic. I strongly recommend them.


I will definitely order again!

Delicious, authentic, we will definitely order again.


Great Customer Service

Thank you for a great customer service and fast shipment. I ordered Griwech as a gift for a friend and he was very impressed by the packaging and beautiful presentation. I will be ordering more cookies form you very soon. Thanks again!


Delicious and fancy package

Thank you so much for the delicious cookies and such a nice surprise to receive them in a very fancy package They’re nearly gone already!


Happy with my Taste of Algeria Order

I am so happy with my order, thank you so much i will definitely order again 


Look and Taste Amazing

The sweets look an taste amazing. The packaging is nice..i just wish the sweets were a lil bigger lol keep up the good work guys


Very good taste

Very good quality, fresh and fast delivery (less than 24 hours within the same county). I will definitely order again.


Very good quality

I was born in Tunisia, I also lived for a while in Algeria: The pastries are very good, very fresh.
I am very happy to finally find sweet from North Africa
A bientot


Kalb ellouz

No time to make my own 9alb ellouz, i had to order and was wondering if it was a wise decision sooooo i was impressed
The package arrived as it is the kalb elouz was delicious and they sent me a bonus which was a 4 Algerian sweets
I will order again


A sugar kick like no other !

If you never tasted Algerian sweets then this sampler box will rock you to your core! Great service all the way from ordering to receiving the happy package in the mail. Highly recommending this service


5 star company!

The Taste of Algeria Review

The taste of algeria has once again proved to me they are a 5 star company. As a full time student and worker, I have no time to bake algerian treats, that are very time consuming, so am glad The Taste of Algeria exists to keep our cravings satisfied. Great treats and costumer service. I ordered this time something that was out of stock and due to their system being down my order went through anyways. Not even two hours later I got an email offering me a refund or an exchange, I took the exchange. Their admin apologized for the inconvenience and offered me a $5 coupon on my next order. Loving it, keep it up.


Good Stuff

Kelb Louz

The order was put together quick and the shipping was fast. Great follow up and awsome customer service overall. The kalb el louz was yummy, too bad it is not mehchi (filled with roasted almonds on the inside) but it’s still good though. I also received free samples of Algerians delights, which was a great extra touch.
I highly recommend The Taste of Algeria and will order again. Keep up the good work.
Thank you!


Quick and prompt communication, great

Quick and prompt communication, great service and awesome goods. They included a personalized card on my second order which was a good touch. I am always happy with their service and will always recommend them.


Quick and prompt communication, great

Quick and prompt communication, great service and awesome goods. They included a personalized card on my second order which was a good touch. I am always happy with their service and will always recommend them.


No really satisfied

First of all the delivery was on time, and Package 📦 wasn’t damaged. I come from bakery 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 family business so I know exactly what I’m talking about. Let me tell you the sizes of cookies were to small (mini size) I was really upset 😡
Mlabess chocolate and Dziryet were very dry. Crywesh was horrible. I don’t think it was fresh.
Mshaklat and Kalb loud Was amazing and tasty 😋
I’m not sure if I will order again.

Taylor 12

Very delicious cookies, packaged professionally

Very delicious cookies, packaged professionally and taste fresh! As an Algerian, I can attest to the quality and authenticity of the cookies. I recommend this service to anyone willing to experience the authentic taste of Algerian cookies.


Awesome !!!

Everything tasted so good ! Super fresh , Mlasbess and dziriet they melt in the mouth just amazing . I am Algerian myself and let me tell you it is one of the best sweets I have ever had . Keep up the good job 😃😃.



Makrout , mlebess and dziriyat were just amazing. They melt and the lemon kick was just 😍 . Received them in a very good condition. Will be buying again !!


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